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A unique anniversary....

I meant to write this last week during my actual anniversary - but this is probably close enough.  A year ago today I was still as high as I've ever been in my life -- so it counts.

And some of you are immediately taken aback thinking "What?  How can she be saying this?  Especially since I can see her typing in front of me in Con Law"  Well, let me make this perfectly clear - I was legally high.  One year and 7 days ago, I donated my kidney.  The left one, specifically.  March of 2012 I had two perfectly healthy, if not a bit overweight, kidneys.  April - bam.  One kidney.

I know, crazy, right?

This was not one of those Discovery Channel things where I woke up in a hotel in Tijuana in a bathtub full of ice and blood.  That would have been awesome.  Well, if by awesome, I mean something that would get me on TV.

I gave my kidney to my mother in law.  My husband's mom.  I'm not sure what other kind of mother in law I could have - but I wanted to clarify.  In 2010, w…