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Internet Famous! Woot!

This picture has made Mike and I internet famous - in a HUGE way.  I'm not exactly sure how or when it started, but someone linked this photo from my Facebook page to a "weird wedding photos" contest.  The website actually emailed me to ask if they could use it and got my explanation of the photo.  I mean, look at it -- it's a weird picture.

And the internet seems to agree with us.  Every few months it seems to pop up on a list of 21 Wedding Photos that went Hilariously Wrong or something equally weird.  We even made Buzzfeed, which is kind of awesome, because I love Buzzfeed.  We are also on The Daily Mail.

However, there's a problem.  I realized today, after the latest round of internet weirdness - this time on - that somewhere along the way, someone in Poland decided they would claim the rights to this photo - and went so far as to put a watermark on it claiming ownership.  THAT part upsets me.  Because, guess who owns the copyright to th…

Thursday Thoughts: Blogging from China

Like I ATTEMPT to do most Thursdays, I'm linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

This Thursday is a little different because I'm in China.

That's us in the Forbidden City.  

Blogging from China is a lot more difficult than blogging from France was - for a number of reasons.  (A few people have asked me if I'm travel blogging while I'm here, because I haven't really posted anything)
First -- China has filtered internet access.  Which means I can't always visit the sites I want.  They even have a filtered version of Google -- and since Google hosts my blog, it's kind of a pain the neck to deal with working around the Chinese filters just to get to my blog.  
Secondly, we have been running ourselves ragged while we are here!  We had 22 or 23 days in France.  We didn't feel desperate to see everything in the first couple of days.  But we only have 6 total days in Beijing, so we are packing a lot into every day.  Most …