Minor Setbacks...

So, as many people know, I'm attempting to train for a 10K in January.  Why, you may ask.  I don't like running.  I think running is a terrible thing, which barely meets the criteria of "sport".  If you like to run, that's cool.  I'm not going to harass you about it or make fun of you.  I just don't enjoy it.

However, I realize I need to be healthier.  I've gained a substantial amount of weight in the past couple of years (the IVF drugs alone helped me put on nearly 20lb.), and I should be leading a healthier life in general. This is especially true as I look at the prospect of having kids in the house. 

While I was in Europe this summer, I met a wonderful new friend, who was really into running and marathoning.  She also introduced me to the Disney races.  I thought to myself, "I like Disneyland".  I could probably force my way through 6 miles of Disney.  After a little bit of research, I found the Disneyland Star Wars 10K, which happens to fall on our wedding anniversary!  Both of us love Disneyland, Mike LOVES Star Wars, it seems like it was made for us.

So, we started training.  We would walk the strip once a week (a full 10k), and I was really working on my jogging around the neighborhood.  There's a perfect 1 mile loop right across the street from our house that doesn't require me to cross any streets, dodge pedestrians, or avoid any dangerous corners or other hazards.  I've been working on my 1mile speed pretty regularly and finally got it down to a number that I was proud of.  Today, my plan was to add a second mile to my training.  From time to time, I've been doing two miles in a day, but not at the same time.  I run one mile, then go home and do stuff, then run a second mile.  

It did not go as planned.  I started strong.   I went the first 1/2 mile or so, and while it wasn't my fastest 1/2 mile, it was well within my goal pace.  But, shortly after the voice on the app told me my pace, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my foot and for the first time ever, I had to stop completely.  Not slow down, but actually stop.  I considered calling Mike for a ride home.  But, I thought that would be really embarrassing, since I was only about 1/3 mile from home.  I slooooowly made my way back to the house.

When I got there, I was almost in tears.  After explaining what had happened, Mike and I decided I should visit the doctor.  That part was relatively painless (no pun intended).  The lady at the urgent care center was nice.  She talked to me a little bit and assured me that it probably wasn't broken, but I should get some X-rays anyway.  She gave me a weird looking boot-thing, some pain killers, and directions to stay off it for a couple weeks.  

While it's nowhere near as bad as it could be (I feared broken bones), it's still frustrating.  I was starting to feel like I might actually be able to accomplish the 10K without killing myself.  It seems that may not be the case.  :)


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