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The foster adventure continues...

I posted last week about our first adventure(s) in foster care and a lot of people have been asking me "what's next" or "what now."  So, I thought it was probably time for an update.  It's been a difficult decision, and one we haven't taken lightly, so we've spent a lot of time deciding what was right for us and for future foster children.

Our experience with J and Baby P taught us a couple of things:

1.  We are NOT prepared for this.  It's kind of like your first teaching job.  You were a student teacher, you took all the classes and wrote all the papers, have some lesson plans prepared and all sorts of stuff, but then the first day of class arrives and you realize you have a lot of book smarts, but zero idea of what you're doing.

Even though all of our friends have been so amazing (a special shout out here to Val, who was a total lifesaver in more ways than one), and so giving, we found ourselves at a loss.  At one point, I had baby P wear…

Our first adventure(s) in foster care

So after all of the months and all of the paperwork, Mike and I are finally licensed foster parents.  The interviews and forms and inspections are over (at least for now) & the day we have anxiously awaited for months has arrived.  We can receive placements of foster children, either a single child or a sibling pair under five (think baby and toddler).

We were very excited last week when we got a call asking us to take placement of two young boys - a three month old baby and a three year old toddler.  We were told they had basically been abandoned by their mom - she was MIA and there were no relatives available to take them.  Since they'd already been in foster care about a month, the case worker told us this would likely be a long term placement with a potential for eventual adoption.  They were currently in separate foster homes and the case worker was looking for a home where they could live together for the duration.  We thought it sounded like a great match & told th…

Everybody likes free stuff, right?

Just before Christmas, Influenster sent me their #FrostyVoxBox as a holiday gift.  In exchange, I'm supposed to write about it and tell everyone what I think.  This is actually the third such box I've received in the past year or so, but it's the first time that they've asked me to post my thoughts on my blog.  I have liked the past boxes they sent me, but this one seems the most like things I would actually buy -- with the exception of the makeup colors.

(If you want free stuff as well, sign up with Influenster - it's totally free and you really don't have to do anything.  If you meet their target demographic, they'll send you a box of stuff.  They ask that you post on Facebook/Instagram/etc in return.  If you have questions, just ask me and I'll be happy to explain... it's pretty easy.)

So, this is what I got.  It's sort of hard to see everything - but it included

1.  Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
2.  Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl eyeliner (in so…