To all the friends I've loved before.... (a la Willie Nelson)

I had a chat with a friend of mine yesterday (Stacey, I'm calling you out on this one, because it really made me think) and I realized that I've lost touch with a lot of people, including myself.  Stacey and I discussed the fact that social media (especially Facebook) fools us into thinking that we maintain relationships with people that we realistically don't talk to or have only a superficial connection to.

And Stacey, you're right.  I don't know if you'll ever read this, but you're completely right.  I'm not as bad as I could be, but there are people that I maintain very superficial relationships with, just for the sake of appearances.  I'm not going to name names, because it's not about the individual relationships, it's a matter of the trend that has slowly crept into my life.  When I was in my teens, I would make phone calls and write letters; as I got older and technology increased, I would make phone calls and send emails.  Now, I don't even write emails like I should.  I send texts, "like" Facebook posts and make a few comments.  

All of those that know me know that I'm nothing, if not honest, in my Facebook posts.  But, I can also be very petty.  I've actually had a number of posts involving pancakes in the past couple months.  I didn't realize that pancakes were such a big part of my life.  :)

In the past 30 days, I've posted a bit about my vacation to California, a few times about pancakes, twice about Costco and about a dozen times about law school (among a couple other random things).  This is a pretty accurate overview of my life.  I hate to admit that, but it is.  Of course, I could count on both hands the number of actual phone conversations I've held.  There have been a few more text conversations, which I see as a little better.  At least they are a focused thing.  I've talked to a few people in person a few times and realize there should be more.

Ironically, I'm using social media as an apology for my reliance on social media to maintain my relationships.  Think of it as one of those weird Christmas letters... I do care very much for my friends & am going to do a better job of staying in touch.  Call, text, email... if you need something or just to say hello... but, I will be here for you.


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