Decisions, Decisions

Somehow, I have come to a crossroads in my life... all of a sudden these decisions appeared on the horizon and now I have to make them.  I've seen enough episodes of "Supernatural" to know that something will probably go askew somewhere.

None of my impending decisions are life-and-death, however, I imagine they will have some long-lasting impact on both my personal and professional lives.

We are trying to make some foster care decisions (as I discussed the other day), and to make matters more complicated, our case manager called and asked if we would be interested in becoming an adoptive family for a young boy who has been living with a foster family since birth.  The little boy has some potential health concerns, as he was born very prematurely, but seems to be in a good place now.  He was born drug exposed and had a difficult first few months, but seems to be stable.  His mother has abandoned him, and the courts have terminated parental rights, so he is available for adoption.  Typically, the foster parents that have been caring for the baby would have the first opportunity to be the adoptive family, but his foster parents are older and have no interest in adoption.  In some ways, this seems like an ideal match for us, but we are nervous about potential health problems.  The case worker sent me a photo this afternoon -- and he's an adorable little boy.  But, I'm a big softie.  Mike is much more pragmatic, but I keep looking at the picture and thinking how we'd be able to give him such a wonderful life.

I also have to make some decisions about my legal education.  It's a "what next" sort of situation.  Like many things, I have to start making decisions now about what I do or don't want to do next year. Do I want to apply as an editor for the Law Review?  (probably)  Do I want to apply for a major role, or something more low key?  Do I want to continue on SBA (student government)?  I've reached the point in my legal education where I've met all of the requirements -- I just need to go through the motions until I have enough credits to graduate.  Once I'm done with this semester, I'll only have 17 remaining -- I'll do between 4-6 over the summer, leaving me 12ish credits - or one full time semester.  As a part time student, I can't do 12 in one semester, but you can see how close I am to finishing.

And, as always, I have career decisions to make.  I've had a few interviews in the past couple of weeks, but I feel less excited by the prospect of changing jobs.  I wish I'd found an administrative match a year or six months ago.  But, for whatever reason, it never happened.  I like my job, I like my boss.  Today, I actually had a group of kids arguing about the theme of a poem.  It was one of those weird moments when all of the stars seemed to be aligning and I remembered why I love teaching.  I also had a student tell me that I was a wonderful teacher and the one bright spot in her otherwise miserable behavior school experience.    So, why would I want to leave that?  Of course, this follows on the heels of a day I worked really hard not to punch a kid in the face (kidding!).  It does go both ways.  :)

All in all... a lot of decisions, and no answers...


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