My first post

Of all of the things I've done, I've never blogged before.  Maybe it's just one of those things that seems like a page from a bad Lifetime movie... woman begins blogging and the next thing you know, she's involved in an international crime syndicate based on internet fraud.  Actually, that doesn't' seem like such a bad idea.  Not the crime part, or the internet fraud part... actually, mostly just the international part :)

Mostly I want to have a blog because there are a number of scrapbooking contests that require it.  Damn those silly rules.  So, I'm going to have a blog to enter the contests!

I'm not going to go back to the beginning and chronicle my life from birth until now.  Rest assured, as the title implies, it is a life in progress.  I like the idea of that - like a work in progress.  It's not perfect - yet.  We are working on it.


  1. Love the title and love the blog so far!


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