In today's episode of General Hospital...

Today I had two doctor's appointments.  Early-ish this morning, I got up and went to have some lab work done.  It has been 30 days since my kidney donation and the doctors needed some follow up labs to make sure that my remaining kidney is doing its job as required.  What would normally be a simple trip to Quest turned into an enormous pain in the ass.

I had made an appointment to go at 830am.  Since Mike managed to take both his and my keys to work this morning, I got there at about 835, after digging around for my spare keys.  I will grant that I was late, but that should not mean that what would typically be a 10-15 minute appointment should turn into an hour-long headache.  I spent much of that time standing in line waiting for the guy to take my appointment slip.  Instead of letting people check in (there is an appointment line and a walk-in line), he was calling names off of his appointment sheet, which meant that even though I was third in line when I walked in the door, eight people checked in before me.  I was irritated.

About an hour later, I went to visit Dr. Yao.  We talked briefly & she was very impressed my my lack of kidney donation scars on my back... I then showed her my kidney donation scars on my stomach.  She laughed, but agreed that  the scars on my stomach were pretty minor as well.  With all of that said and done, she agreed that once she sees the results of my bloodwork, I can go back to work!!!  Yay!!!!  I've never been so excited to go to work!

So, I'm going to be home for one last day tomorrow and then back to my classroom!!


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