Second entry: red

I've finally finished the pink beer. The more I drank it, the less I liked it. I actually considered pouring the second half out. 

For my second beer, I moved on to the red Kindl beer. 

This photo doesn't do it a lot of justice. It really is a deep magenta color, like strawberry soda. 

And, it is delicious. I've had this before and I really enjoy it. It has a deep raspberry flavor, similar to a wine cooler, but somehow fruitier. According to the label, there is some actual fruit juice in it -- so while I have no illusions that it has any nutrients, I think the flavor is natural, rather than chemical. It more than makes up for the horribleness of the Becks. I wish I would have bought more than one of them. 

If I could get this at home for a reasonable price, I would buy it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. perhaps it's best that I can't. 

Score: 8/10. Delicious, but not life changing. Actually, after another swallow, I'm revising to 8.5. Delicious. 

I will surely buy this a number of times before I leave Germany next Sunday!


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