Third entry: pinecone

So I just finished my delicious raspberry beer. I thought this might be the best time for the dark horse in this race: pinecone. I thought maybe it would be ok... Or maybe the pinecone thing was an advertising gimmick. 

Let me tell you. I was wrong. Imagine having a mediocre can of beer an accidentally dropping a pinecone in it.... And leaving it there to steep. It tastes like that. Or if you spilled your beer on a pinecone and decided to lick it off. TERRIBLE!!!

To top it off, it has a slight green tint to the otherwise amber ale hue. I could not get a great photo, but trust me. That itself was off putting. 

So, I don't like beer a lot, remember... So I decided to pass this one over to Mike for a second try. He took one sip and scrunched up his face in confusion. His review:  "this is just weird. I guess it is supposed to taste like nature & maybe if I was camping and there was no other beer available.  But I wouldn't buy it if there was other beer on the shelf."  I asked if he ever had worse beer. The only thing he could come up with was "warm Milwalkees Best". That is saying a lot from a ugh that really loves beer. 

Obviously, I will never buy this again. It was sort of worth the dollar to see what pine ones tasted like, but part of me wishes I would have spent the dollar on another raspberry beer. 

Final score:  0/10. This has no redeeming qualities. It gives beer a bad name. I doubt I'll be able to finish the glass. 


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