Foster Parenting is right around the corner...

It is my favorite time of year.  Not necessarily the holidays, but it is that magical time when I don't have to go anywhere, or do anything, except hang out at home in my pajamas and watch movies with my dogs.  According to TimeHop, that's what I do around this time every year.  The sheer number of "wearing pajamas and watching movies" Facebook posts in late December is almost frightening.

This year, Mike is out of town for a few days, so I have even less motivation than usual.  Paris, Lily, Bill and I have been watching TV and baking Christmas treats for the past two days, and let me tell you - divine.  While, granted, I've been doing the bulk of the baking and the pups are mostly sitting in the kitchen and waiting for me to drop things, it all works out.

I do feel extra-justified in my mini-hibernation this year.  On Thursday night, we had our final DFS inspection in preparation for taking in foster children.  We worked and cleaned for days getting the house ready, which culminated in a 4 hour interview/inspection.  Our licensing agent is a lovely woman, but the state and county regulations are incredibly strict.  She had to take photos of every corner of our house, including inside some of the drawers and cupboards.  The entire process was emotionally and physically exhausting.  We did pass the inspection, and are now simply waiting for our licensing paperwork to be processed.  The agent estimates another week or so.

That means, by the end of December, we could theoretically have foster children in our home.  We have applied for a license that includes two beds for children between 0-5.  We have prepared a room with a crib and a toddler bed.  Our hope is to have a baby or toddler and we have space for a second child so we can take in a pair of siblings if necessary.  We do not plan on taking in two children from two separate families, as the logistics would get complicated -- two sets of legal issues, two sets of weekly visitations.  We just don't feel we would be able to do all that two families require & still maintain our own family.

So now, we are in the calm before the storm.  We could get a call virtually any day.  We are somewhere between excited and nervous and terrified.  Once we go through the process once or twice, it will probably make more sense, but in the meantime, I'm conserving my energy.


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