The most wonderful time... to watch Law and Order & other such nonsense

I really love the holidays.  As I mentioned in my last post, it's not so much the holidays themselves, but the fact that I can hang out in my pajamas for days on end.  I shower and change into new pajamas every day, and occasionally put on grown-up pants to leave the house, but mostly it's me and my doggies hanging out watching Law and Order marathons.

Between USA, TNT, Bravo, Cloo, and Sundance, some form of Law and Order always seems to be on some channel.  Of course, if I ever get desperate, I do own the entire original series on DVD.  Despite the fact that I've seen EVERY episode - many of them more than once, I still like to settle down to a good marathon - especially the odd "themed" marathons.  But, I love it.  Most of the time I don't even actively watch it; I just use it as background noise while I'm doing other things around the house.  I like the predictability and patterns.  Sometimes the outcome is a "surprise twist", but the characters still behave in the way I expect them to.  And of course there's Jerry Orbach.  Between the no-nonsense attitude and the pithy one-liners, he was an amazing actor.

And for anyone that only knows him as Lennie Briscoe -- Jerry had an amazing stage career for decades before Law and Order (and don't forget that killer role in Dirty Dancing), which included one of my favorite shows - "The Fantasticks".  A few versions of the cast recording actually have Jerry Orbach!

I have a few back up shows for when I've reached my fill of Law and Order (temporarily, of course).  Since Netflix pulled Law and Order from it's streaming lineup (blast them!), I had to find something different to watch at night.  For nearly 3 years, I lulled myself to sleep with the soothing sounds of Lennie Briscoe and Jack McCoy.  Suddenly, no more Law and Order on Netflix.

Instead, I watch Criminal Minds.  Ironically, Mike used to think it was a terrible show, but then he watched a couple of episodes.  It's no Law and Order, but it's pretty good.

Of course, today, I'm wanting something a little lighter... so I'm going with my other favorite --- The Office.  I forgot how hilarious it can be.


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