10 Day Blood Sugar Detox, Day 1

After watching Fed Up, which I outlined in my last post, Mike and I decided to do a 30 day clean eating challenge.  Part of which is Dr. Mark Hymann's 10 Day Blood Sugar Detox.

Essentially, this is a slightly more severe version of the first week - there seems to be less fruit involved - which makes me sad because I like fruit.  I'll outline the basics for you in case you're interested at all.

Breakfast:  Protein shake.  He offers a few recipes, but a lot of them include bananas, which I'm allergic to.  Also, I use Shakeology, which I'm pretty sure is the healthiest substance on the planet.  The idea is to have a filling, nutrient dense, low-glycemic index breakfast that will get you through until lunch.

Lunch:  Salad (He gives a big list of mix and match stuff and says eat whatever you want, as long as its on these lists), or if you get tired of salad, there are some soup and grilled meat recipes to use to mix it up.

Dinner:  Meat, fish, or tofu or some sort with some vegetable side dishes.  There are a lot of varieties - grilled, curried, baked, with plenty of fresh herbs and spices.  There's also a pretty wide variety in the sides - some raw veggies, some cooked.  Nothing seems to repeat, so the idea is not to get bored with the food.

There are a few other components - relaxation, multi-vitamins, good hygiene, etc.  One that I found interesting was journaling.  Since I do this and no one reads it anyway (Hi mom!), I figured I would use this as a forum.

Day 1 question:  Why am I doing this?  What are my goals?

Part of why I'm doing this is because Mike asked me to.  I wouldn't have come up with it on my own.  I have become increasingly less healthy in the past few years - mostly in the sense that I've put on a few extra pounds every year and haven't put a lot of energy into taking them back off.  A few years ago I focused on my health and put the requisite energy into diet and exercise, but then things kind of ran off the rails.  Since that point, I've gained an undeniable amount of weight.  Last fall, I started taking steps to make healthier choices, but didn't do all the things I should.  I was able to take off, and keep off, 10-12 pounds on my own, but didn't go much further.  In the past week, on our mini-detox, I've dropped another 8 1/2 pounds.

My goals are to continue the paleo-esque diet (probably with some modifications to add in some healthy carbs) throughout the summer, lose some more weight (my ultimate goal would be 40 pounds down from my weight this morning), and be overall healthier.

Mike and I are signed up to run a 1/2 marathon in November and I want to a) finish it and b) not embarrass myself.  A total weight loss of 50 lbs (40 plus the 8.5 I've already lost) would go a long want to making that happen.


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