Update... on everything

I have not done any blogging lately, because as most teachers will tell you, May is terrible.

Most of May is a lot like that purple one.  As a teacher, especially as a teacher in an alternative school, you become frazzled and exhausted.  I have literally come home and napped for hours at a time out of sheer exhaustion.  Students are panicking because they haven't completed any of their work for the past 6 weeks and suddenly they need enough points to get course credit for the semester.  They are needy and desperate.  I do my best to be helpful and supportive, but it is wearing.  

I mostly finished what is essentially my last academic semester in law school in late April, so I've been able to focus on my students and their needs, but now law school is picking up again, so I will once again have divided interests.  Part of me will need to focus on my students, while the rest of me will focus on my studies.

Despite all of this crazy, Mike and I have consistently stuck to our healthy eating plan.  We are on day 24 of no processed foods, no added sugar, virtually no carbs (though we still eat some fruit).  And so far, we are really pleased with the results.  

These are not the final numbers, as May isn't over yet, but these are our almost-final numbers, as we only have about a week to go.  

Mike has lost "about 8 pounds".  He can't remember what he was wearing when he weighed himself on day 1.  He hasn't seen much change in his waistline, but we had a long discussion about this the other night and he finally admitted that being diabetic, it's probably going to take longer for him to see any huge changes.  He agrees that even 8 pounds in 3 weeks is pretty significant weight loss.

I have lost 14 pounds - since I do know what I was wearing on day 1.  My original goal for the month was 20 lbs, but in retrospect, that was probably a crazy goal.  I think if I finish the month 15 pounds lighter than I started, I've still met with incredible success.  I'll be honest, I'd kill for some ice cream... but I'm holding out until June.  :)  Even then it will be a single serving of ice cream.

In addition to the weight loss, we've also made some positive lifestyle changes.  We're much more active.  We completed a 5K on Saturday, something a friend pointed out that we wouldn't have dreamed doing a year ago.  

And while we didn't kill it (we were actually fairly slow by our own standards), we finished it, and we were far from last.  

We walk a lot more - we almost never drive to the store anymore... unless we have to go to Costco.  Partially because Costco is about 6 miles away, and partially because I can't carry those things home. But, we walk everywhere else - grocery store, pharmacy, even coffee shop.  We also cook at home almost all the time.  Our dedication to unprocessed sugar-free foods doesn't really work well with the restaurant world, so we just eat at home.  It's a little more work, but we have ben doing pretty well.  We've discovered some tasty recipes and are planning on continuing for the foreseeable future.


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