Sometimes teaching is mind-blowingly weird...

Today, I had the dumbest argument with a student.  I put a two part journal question on the board and made sure to explain that the students had to answer both parts.  My no-exceptions journal requirement is 1/2 page of writing.  (As you read this, remember, I teach high school).

Student:  Does each question need to be half of a page?

Me:  No.  Just 1/2 page total.

Student:  So?  A full page?

Me:  No.  The total you need to write for the two is 1/2 page.

Student:  How about you just tell me how many sentences to write for each question.

Me:  I don't care.  I just need you to write a total of 1/2 of a page.

Student:  So, I need to write a full page? (I thought at this point he was kidding, but he was not)

Me:  No.  Just 1/2 page.  (At this point even other kids are trying to help me)  Is part of this unclear?  I'm not sure what you're missing.  I just need you to write 1/2 of a page.

Student:  Why are you calling me stupid?  Why can't you just tell me what you want??

Me:  I just want 1/2 of a page.

Student then screams and bangs his forehead on his desk.


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