Things my students said today... (moments of brilliance)

Today, my students met me with a level of amazement that I haven't seen for a while.  I used to want a Twitter feed called "stuff my students say".  Of course, that took a level of commitment and organization that I couldn't handle.  It also required a Twitter account.

The following are verbatim quotes from students - the first is a bit profane, but I think the profanity actually adds to the irony of the argument.

Student #1

Journal question:  What is one thing you would do to improve the American educational system & why?

Student (arguing outloud):  I'm not going to do this.  This is a stupid question, it's not entertaining and it isn't doing anything to help my education.  You complain that you don't do our work, maybe make the fucking work interesting.  I'm not doing this bullshit.

Later in the day, another group of students was doing a lesson in idioms and metaphors.. 

Explain the following idiom:  The girls were like two peas in a pod

Kid: Ms. Gandy, what's a pod?
Me:  It's the green thing that the peas come in.
Kid:  Oh - like the can?

(I then drew a picture)


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